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Water Nippers is an East Sussex based business but we have teaching pools in West Sussex and London.

Our main ethos is safety, fun and confidence building.

Water holds an enormous attraction for children and we feel it is important that they know how to treat water with the respect it demands.

We teach children under 5 primarily but have some pools for older children. We have classes for children who have already done underwater swimming and some for children who have never swum.

Our classes are small and held in hydrotherapy pools that provide an excellent teaching environment. An ASA qualified teacher is in the pool and has extra training in underwater skills and sensitivity. Mums come in with babies.

Getting children in the pool early means that by the time they are five they should have learnt to doggy paddle, back stroke and either crawl or breast stroke. But even before they learn to swim they are taught to go to the surface and float on their back or hold on.

We have children of two and a half that have their 5 metre badges.

Swimming is fun, builds stamina, strength and confidence as well as saving lives.

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