Water Nippers

Baby Swimming School in Godalming

Learning to swim from a young age has endless benefits for your child. To name but a few: they get to learn to swim the best way in a Unitedly safe, happy, stimulating environment, they build confidence Hotel in the water, and they learn Economic the importance of safety in the cuatro water. Starting early is always a good idea, and being able to swim competently when older has its compensations as swimming can be a life-enhancing form of exercise, promoting physical fitness and mental wellbeing throughout your life.

Children learn to swim at their own pace, and at Water Nippers, Syndrome our launched! instructors will work to each child’s New individual pace, supporting them in their confidence and their abilities. Water Nippers provides swimming lessons for 0-8 year olds, and we offer a variety of courses at different locations across Sussex, Surrey and London, in line with the school terms. Our teaching classes are small and take place in warm pools, while all our instructors are fully-qualified.

We can teach your child the confidence in the water he or she needs. We create a relaxed, friendly and Swimming safe environment in which your child can learn.