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Children’s Swimming School Guildford

Drowning is the third highest cause of death in children. A scary statistic, certainly, but we can all make sure our children learn about water safety and know how to swim from a young age. In most cases, it’s best to get children started in the pool sooner rather than later. In teaching a child to be a confident and competent swimmer from a young age will lessen the risk of any accident occurring.

It’s common for children to get started with learning how to swim at an early age, and the majority of babies and young children will enjoy the sensation of being in the warm water.

Swimming is a vital life skill and a fun experience. Giving your child a skill for life and giving them the confidence in water to be able to enjoy swimming in the sea or even becoming a swimming competitor, will open up their life to new adventures and new opportunities, as well as the obvious reasons for being able to swim.

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