Water Nippers

5 Tips for kids swimming lessons in winter


Swimming lessons are the perfect activity for rainy winter days when you can’t go out in the garden or park. Kids get to expend their boundless energy, get a good work out and learn about water safety too!

However as the days get shorter, colder and wetter it can be hard to keep up the motivation. Here are our five top tips:




  1. Bring a hat or hooded top for after the swimming lesson to keep them warm.
  2. Get a hooded towel or poncho style towel – this makes getting changed so much easier and helps keep little ones warm while you get changed too.
  3. Bring a small changing mat to stand on – you can buy swimming changing mats for kids so their feet don’t get cold and wet when you’re getting changed. It makes getting shoes and socks/tights a bit easier too!
  4. Bring plenty of healthy snacks for after swimming.
  5. Drink up! Even though it’s colder, it’s still important for children to have a good drink of water after a swimming lesson. They have been working hard!