Water Nippers

Catch up lessons

Offering you flexibility

Water Nippers offers up to three FREE catch up lessons per term if you are unable to attend your regular lesson for ANY reason, such as sickness or holiday.

This means that if you know you will miss a lesson, let us know in advance and we can book you into an alternative lesson if there is space available.

Not many swim schools offer this level of flexibility and we are proud to be able to offer this to our customers.  We do ask that you take note of the terms and conditions below so that the system can work smoothly.

Unfortunately we are unable to refund you for any missed lessons as your payment secures your place for the full term and enables us to pay for the pool hire and teachers.

The terms and conditions below refer to catch ups for lessons you have missed and not catch ups for lessons that have had to be cancelled by Water Nippers. Any lessons that have been cancelled by Water Nippers due to teacher absence, pool closure etc will automatically be eligible for a catch up lesson.

Terms and conditions

  1. A catch up lesson will only be granted when we have received at least 48 hours’ notice that you will miss a class. That way we can allocate your space to someone else. If you have not given us 48 hours’ notice, we will not offer you a catch up lesson, refund or credit for the missed lesson.
  2. Catch up lessons are a gesture of goodwill, subject to availability and at the discretion of Water Nippers. They are not guaranteed, but where possible, we will always try to offer you a place.
  3. Catch up lessons cannot be carried over to a new term. However, should you miss the last lesson of the term, one free catch up class can be carried over if you are continuing with classes for the next term. We will not provide a carry-over catch up if you are not joining the next term.
  4. You may only have a maximum of three catch up lessons per child per term.
  5. Catch up lessons can only be booked if a space is available, should the space be sold, we reserve the right to cancel.
  6. Catch up lessons can only be booked in up to one week before the lesson you wish to attend.
  7. If you have cancelled your lesson because your child is sick, we will not be able to book your catch up lesson until your child is totally recovered, as we will not reschedule any cancelled catch up lesson.
  8. It is not possible to re-schedule a catch up lesson if you miss your booked catch up lesson.
  9. Due to the high demand of catch-up lessons, in the event you are not able to attend any of the offered days for your catch up lesson (for example if you can only do weekends) or we are not able to offer you an alternative lesson due to no availability, Water Nippers will not offer any refund or credit.
  10. If you cancel a lesson on your normal swimming course and then change your mind, call the office on 01273 621 333 as soon as possible to book back in. Please don’t just turn up to the class as it is likely that your space will have been taken by another child.