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5 Tips for kids swimming lessons in winter


Swimming lessons are the perfect activity for rainy winter days when you can’t go out in the garden or park. Kids get to expend their boundless energy, get a good work out and learn about water safety too!

However as the days get shorter, colder and wetter it can be hard to keep up the motivation. Here are our five top tips:




  1. Bring a hat or hooded top for after the swimming lesson to keep them warm.
  2. Get a hooded towel or poncho style towel – this makes getting changed so much easier and helps keep little ones warm while you get changed too.
  3. Bring a small changing mat to stand on – you can buy swimming changing mats for kids so their feet don’t get cold and wet when you’re getting changed. It makes getting shoes and socks/tights a bit easier too!
  4. Bring plenty of healthy snacks for after swimming.
  5. Drink up! Even though it’s colder, it’s still important for children to have a good drink of water after a swimming lesson. They have been working hard!

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LoxwoodJoin us in our gorgeous pool at Loxwood, West Sussex and get your little one swimming! We have a maximum of 5-6 children in a class.

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Kids Swimming School Guildford

‘Swimming your way to safety’ is a reality with Water Nippers. Our emphasis is on teaching young ones water safety. Whether your child is aged one or four, we focus on building a familiarity with the water and developing an understanding of how safety in the water is the most important thing.

Though safety is – and will always be – key, if you decide to enrol your little one in swimming classes with us you will find we make sure the classes are fun, friendly and stimulating as well as safe. Water Nippers offers kids a safe, fun and friendly environment in which to learn how to swim. We also place an emphasis on the importance of each and every child being able to learn, develop and build confidence at their own pace.

If you’re looking for a kids swimming pool in or near Guildford where your child can learn, Water Nippers organises classes in Surrey, Sussex and London. We cater to kids between the ages of 1-8, and courses can be built around the school terms.

Swimming builds strength, stamina, fitness and an appreciation of water and the risks associated with being in the water. With swimming lessons, your child has everything to gain.

Children’s Swimming School Guildford

Drowning is the third highest cause of death in children. A scary statistic, certainly, but we can all make sure our children learn about water safety and know how to swim from a young age. In most cases, it’s best to get children started in the pool sooner rather than later. In teaching a child to be a confident and competent swimmer from a young age will lessen the risk of any accident occurring.

It’s common for children to get started with learning how to swim at an early age, and the majority of babies and young children will enjoy the sensation of being in the warm water.

Swimming is a vital life skill and a fun experience. Giving your child a skill for life and giving them the confidence in water to be able to enjoy swimming in the sea or even becoming a swimming competitor, will open up their life to new adventures and new opportunities, as well as the obvious reasons for being able to swim.

If you’re looking for a children’s swimming school in Guildford for your child then why not look to Water Nippers for swimming tuition? Your child can learn to swim with an excellent children’s swimming school in your preferred Surrey location in a fun environment with fully-qualified swimming instructors.

Toddlers Swimming School Loxwood

Toddlers can be introduced to the joys of the water while learning vital water safety skills. The earlier children are immersed safely in water and allowed to develop natural water safety instincts, the sooner your child will gain the confidence to enjoy those surroundings.

Are you looking for a toddler’s swimming pool in Loxwood? For parents who would like their children to experience the joys of swimming but are unsure of which swimming school in or near Loxwood to choose, Water Nippers runs courses and classes for toddlers at Lily Meadows in Loxwood. We take a maximum of five to six children per class.

In these toddler swimming lessons, your child will learn core aquatic skills, including balance and buoyancy. Once your toddler has progressed, they will eventually get to the stage where they can swim without buoyancy aids. At Water Nippers, our aim is to make swimming fun for young children while delivering on a series of structured lessons in which objectives are clear but the child is encouraged to learn at their own pace.

Once toddlers become acquainted with this multi-sensory world, they will love the sensation of being in the water. Learning to swim is always worthwhile. Swimming is also a wonderful bonding activity, which friends and families can enjoy together.

Baby Swimming Schools for Petworth

Swimming is a fun, stimulating and healthy activity which the whole family can enjoy. Swimming is also a fun, stimulating and healthy activity for very young children. Learning to swim during your formative years aids a baby’s development, teaches them the importance of water safety and builds their confidence in the water.

If you’re keen for your child to start swimming then you’ll no doubt want to find a local swimming school. Babies and toddlers can now enjoy specialised and progressive swimming classes and every class can be adapted to suit the needs of your child.

If you’re looking to find a baby swimming pool in the Petworth area, then look to Water Nippers. Water Nippers is an independent swimming school for children aged between 1-8, operating classes in locations across London, Surrey and Sussex.

Though babies are born with a natural ability to swim and the ability to adapt to immersion in water, all babies progress at their own pace. At Water Nippers we understand this. Our classes are small in size to enable us to support and encourage each child individually as they learn. We’re here to help your child and encourage them to develop at their own pace, while remaining safe and enjoying their time in the swimming pool.

Teaching Your Kids Water Safety

Swimming pools, tropical beaches and freshwater ponds all provide exciting sporting entertainment and cooling relief from the hot summer sun, but water is dangerous for young children if they are left unattended, even for a second, or if you don’t take proper precautions. When near water, if a child does not know how to swim then an adult should always be within easy reach of them, in the event that a child accidentally falls in the water.

Children need to be supervised at all times around water, but there are ways of teaching your kids water safety from a formative age to ensure they understand the importance of water safety and can begin the steps towards learning how to swim and survive in the water themselves.
If you’re not sure how to teach your child the basics of water safety it’s always best to consult a professional who can help your child gain confidence in the water, learn about safety and, ultimately, learn how to swim.

At Water Nippers we are qualified in the teaching of water safety for all children aged 1-8. Not only is it useful and important for your child to be able to swim, but learning about water safety is paramount. When it comes to teaching your kids water safety, Water Nippers can help.

Update on the new Wimbledon pool

We are very pleased to announce that our new pool, Wimbledon Hydro Pool, will begin its first term on Monday 1st September and will run for 8 weeks. Lessons will be on Monday – Sunday afternoons. The address of the new pool is Martin Way, Morden, SM4 4AW and we will have more details and photos soon.

Babies Swimming School in Crawley

Swimming is a natural experience for babies. From their first splash in the bath to their first full strokes in the large swimming pool, a baby will delight in the sensation, buoyancy and feel of the warm water.

Getting your child aware of and used to the water early in life is beneficial from a safety point of view. As your child progresses at their own pace so too will their teaching. If you introduce your child to swimming from a young age then they will be stronger and more confident swimmers in later life. In fact, teaching your child how to swim is just another part of their formative learning and it will stand them in good stead.

Water Nippers offers a fun, gentle yet stimulating environment in which your child can learn confidence in the water and vital water safety skills through our fully-qualified instructors. We are based in Sussex and offer swimming classes across London and Surrey as well as Sussex. With us, your baby will receive the nurturing support and encouragement they need to enjoy the learning process and to make progress. Our approach is designed to meet their individual needs, whatever their age and ability.