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Kids Swimming School in Godalming

If you’re looking for your child to join a kids swimming school in order to learn how to swim from a young age, there are many advantages for your child if he or she starts early.

Swimming for young children usually stretches from age 0-8 years with the early years involving basic submersions and a focus on building confidence in the water. As your child grows and their water confidence builds, classes will start to aid the transition into more formal swimming classes at school, being at ease in the water and developing basic swimming stroke techniques.

If you’re based in Godalming you’ll no doubt want to find a local pool where your child can have lessons. Water Nippers is an independent swimming school offering swimming tuition for children aged between 0-8 years. Based in East Sussex, we operate a swimming school with classes available at pools across Surrey, London and Sussex. Classes are small and all our swimming instructors are fully-qualified.

Learning to swim at a young age can help build general confidence, it can help your child enjoy and appreciate swimming when they reach school, and if your child develops their enjoyment of the sport, an early start can make all the difference to competitive swimming later on.

Baby Swimming School in Godalming

Learning to swim from a young age has endless benefits for your child. To name but a few: they get to learn to swim the best way in a safe, happy, stimulating environment, they build confidence in the water, and they learn the importance of safety in the water. Starting early is always a good idea, and being able to swim competently when older has its compensations as swimming can be a life-enhancing form of exercise, promoting physical fitness and mental wellbeing throughout your life.

Children learn to swim at their own pace, and at Water Nippers, our  instructors will work to each child’s individual pace, supporting them in their confidence and their abilities. Water Nippers provides swimming lessons for 0-8 year olds, and we offer a variety of courses at different locations across Sussex, Surrey and London, in line with the school terms. Our teaching classes are small and take place in warm pools, while all our instructors are fully-qualified.

We can teach your child the confidence in the water he or she needs. We create a relaxed, friendly and safe environment in which your child can learn.

Childrens Swimming School Loxwood

Swimming for children is simply one of those activities where they can truly enjoy themselves whilst learning about being confident in the water, swimming for fun as well as safety, and being educated on safety within a shallow water environment.

We believe in getting children to swim as early as possible. This way, they can grow up to be strong, understand how important (and enjoyable) excercise can be, and it is a great way to bond with family and friends whilst keeping healthy.

You already realise the importance of swimming for your children, as well as knowing how that you have peace of mind that your kids can swim. They not only learn the safety aspects and the sooner they pick up their natural ‘water’ instincts the sooner they will become confident in those kind of surroundings.

Here at Water Nippers we have teachers who are passionate about teaching children to swim in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. We have a structured learning process where lessons are taught following the national ASA plan and we always teach to the appropriate level.

Our facilities are clean and pleasant, the water maintained at a healthy and comforting warmth level, and we assess all of our learners to the level that is appropriate to their age and ability.

Treat your child, or children, to swimming lessons with us and we can show them just how much fun learning to swim can be.

New pool opening shortly!


Welcome to the new and improved Water Nippers website, and to our first post from the office team!

Water Nippers aredelighted to announce that we have a new venue in the Wimbledon/Morden area in conjunction with Tom Congdon from The Baby Swimming Company. We currently use his venue at the Trinity Hydro Centre, so are thrilled to be included in his plans for the new purpose built pool, which has  a provisional opening date of June 2014.

Exact days and times of classes are still to be confirmed, but we anticipate holding lessons here Monday – Sunday afternoon, with classes available for all abilities.

If you would like to be added to the Water Nippers waiting list for this venue, please contact us via the contact form.

New website launched!

We are delighted to be launching our all new website and we hope you like it!
It still needs a few tweaks here and there but it’s very close to being finished now.

Please browse around and let us know what you think.