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Babies Swimming School in Crawley

Swimming is a natural experience for babies. From their first splash in the bath to their first full strokes in the large swimming pool, a baby will delight in the sensation, buoyancy and feel of the warm water.

Getting your child aware of and used to the water early in life is beneficial from a safety point of view. As your child progresses at their own pace so too will their teaching. If you introduce your child to swimming from a young age then they will be stronger and more confident swimmers in later life. In fact, teaching your child how to swim is just another part of their formative learning and it will stand them in good stead.

Water Nippers offers a fun, gentle yet stimulating environment in which your child can learn confidence in the water and vital water safety skills through our fully-qualified instructors. We are based in Sussex and offer swimming classes across London and Surrey as well as Sussex. With us, your baby will receive the nurturing support and encouragement they need to enjoy the learning process and to make progress. Our approach is designed to meet their individual needs, whatever their age and ability.