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Baby Swimming Schools for Petworth

Swimming is a fun, stimulating and healthy activity which the whole family can enjoy. Swimming is also a fun, stimulating and healthy activity for very young children. Learning to swim during your formative years aids a baby’s development, teaches them the importance of water safety and builds their confidence in the water.

If you’re keen for your child to start swimming then you’ll no doubt want to find a local swimming school. Babies and toddlers can now enjoy specialised and progressive swimming classes and every class can be adapted to suit the needs of your child.

If you’re looking to find a baby swimming pool in the Petworth area, then look to Water Nippers. Water Nippers is an independent swimming school for children aged between 1-8, operating classes in locations across London, Surrey and Sussex.

Though babies are born with a natural ability to swim and the ability to adapt to immersion in water, all babies progress at their own pace. At Water Nippers we understand this. Our classes are small in size to enable us to support and encourage each child individually as they learn. We’re here to help your child and encourage them to develop at their own pace, while remaining safe and enjoying their time in the swimming pool.