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Loving swimming lessons at Lily Meadows

Swimming Pool Loxwood, West SussexIt’s so lovely to hear great feedback from parents about their children’s progress with Water Nippers swimming lessons. We received such a wonderful email from Hayley in West Sussex that we thought we’d share it with you:ir-leasing.ru

“I just wanted to give you all some feedback regarding one of your swimming teachers, Debbie, who teaches my son at Lily Meadows. Debbie has been utterly fantastic and I thought you would appreciate hearing about her.


When my son first joined Water Nippers he hated the idea of getting into the water. To be honest, I think it took three weeks before he would even enter the pool. Debbie was extremely patient and I’m thrilled to say that now, less than three months on, Tom is an entirely different child; it’s now a challenge getting him out of the water! He loves it and is very, very close to actually swimming by himself without a float aid.


We really appreciate all of Debbie’s excellent ideas in the water to get Tom’s confidence as well as swimming ability up to where it is now and can’t thank her enough. She really is an excellent teacher.


Thank you also to you all at Water Nippers as I’ve often found myself ringing up to rearrange swim lessons. Having such flexibility is fantastic – what with school activities and outings. Nothing is ever simple!


We would highly recommend Water Nippers to anyone with young or older children. Our two love it. The length of the lessons is perfect and the venue lovely – especially the warm water, that’s a real bonus as even I find the public pools far too cold for me, let alone young children!”

Childrens Swimming School Loxwood

Swimming for children is simply one of those activities where they can truly enjoy themselves whilst learning about being confident in the water, swimming for fun as well as safety, and being educated on safety within a shallow water environment.

We believe in getting children to swim as early as possible. This way, they can grow up to be strong, understand how important (and enjoyable) excercise can be, and it is a great way to bond with family and friends whilst keeping healthy.

You already realise the importance of swimming for your children, as well as knowing how that you have peace of mind that your kids can swim. They not only learn the safety aspects and the sooner they pick up their natural ‘water’ instincts the sooner they will become confident in those kind of surroundings.

Here at Water Nippers we have teachers who are passionate about teaching children to swim in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. We have a structured learning process where lessons are taught following the national ASA plan and we always teach to the appropriate level.

Our facilities are clean and pleasant, the water maintained at a healthy and comforting warmth level, and we assess all of our learners to the level that is appropriate to their age and ability.

Treat your child, or children, to swimming lessons with us and we can show them just how much fun learning to swim can be.