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Swimming for Summer

We may have had the occasional sunny day, but with the unpredictability of the British weather, many of us have started thinking about booking our summer holidays. We daydream about the warmth of the sun on our backs, and relaxing by the pool with a good book. The reality once you have children may be slightly more chaotic and while you may not be able the curb the excitement your little one may be expressing loudly in very public places, you can do something about making sure your child is safe around water.

You want them to enjoy the pool but you also need them to be safe, safety is paramount. Whether you have a cautious child who hasn’t managed to get past a fear of the water, or a courageous child who thinks they are invisible but just lacks the relevant skills, water nippers swimming can help. Now is exactly the right time to book your child in for swimming lessons in one of our lovely warm pools in or around London. From complete beginners, to toddlers that have already completed a baby swimming course, we have classes to suit all your needs.

We all know that what makes us parents happy, is seeing our children happy and that will make all the difference to your holiday. We want you to enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that your little one will not only enjoy being in the water but will be able to enjoy it safely. Contact us now to book swimming lessons for your toddlers and children in our London pools, the Trinity Hydro Pool in Wandsworth, the Wimbledon Hydro Pool and the Holiday Inn in Sutton. We also teach babies, toddlers and children in our pools outside of London, in Isfield, Loxwood and Seaford.


The Gift of Swimming


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We are nearing the end of November so I feel it is time to mention the C word. Yes Christmas is on its way and with that comes those questions from family members of what to buy the children for Christmas. For most of us, our minds go blank or images pop into our head of our home getting increasingly cluttered with toys.

Water Nippers Swimming have the perfect solution.  A gift that won’t take up any space and is not made of plastic! Think about buying a course of children’s swimming lessons for one of our pools. We have lessons at The Wimbledon Hydro Pool in Morden, The Trinity Hydro Centre in Wandsworth, The Holiday Inn in Sutton as well as pools in Loxwood, Isfield and Seaford.

Giving a child the gift of swimming lessons will help them gain vital life skills.  Learning to swim is so important for the safety of your child, but it also means that the family as a whole get so much more enjoyment out of those summer holidays abroad. A confident swimmer is a confident child and our children’s swimming lessons will help your little ones grow in confidence both in and out of the pool. Our classes are small and take place in warm private pools in and around London, with qualified and experienced swim teachers that will take the time to get to know your child, in order to get the very best out of them in the water.  Contact the office today to book a course of lessons and give the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.


Call us on 01273 621 333 or email water.nippers@yahoo.co.uk