Water Nippers

Toddlers Swimming School Loxwood

Toddlers can be introduced to the joys of the water while learning vital water safety skills. The earlier children are immersed safely in water and allowed to develop natural water safety instincts, the sooner your child will gain the confidence to enjoy those surroundings.

Are you looking for a toddler’s swimming pool in Loxwood? For parents who would like their children to experience the joys of swimming but are unsure of which swimming school in or near Loxwood to choose, Water Nippers runs courses and classes for toddlers at Lily Meadows in Loxwood. We take a maximum of five to six children per class.

In these toddler swimming lessons, your child will learn core aquatic skills, including balance and buoyancy. Once your toddler has progressed, they will eventually get to the stage where they can swim without buoyancy aids. At Water Nippers, our aim is to make swimming fun for young children while delivering on a series of structured lessons in which objectives are clear but the child is encouraged to learn at their own pace.

Once toddlers become acquainted with this multi-sensory world, they will love the sensation of being in the water. Learning to swim is always worthwhile. Swimming is also a wonderful bonding activity, which friends and families can enjoy together.